Deep knowledge of textile art, exquisite craftsmanship, fine yarns and an exclusive palette of 1200 shades with which to experiment with innovative textures identify Battilossi, a Turin-based company engaged in a never-ending design research aimed at passing on the millenarian tradition of oriental rugs, projecting it into contemporary design.

For 30 years, Battilossi contemporary rugs have been the result of a refined intertwining between East and West where Italian creativity, style, know-how and culture are combined with the ancient experience of the master craftsmen of Nepal and Pakistan, in a continuous exchange of connoisseurship and in mutual evolution.

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The history of Battilossi has its roots in the late 50s when Romolo Battilossi, after his apprenticeship as a restorer in a renowned Turin carpet shop, becomes passionate about the world of antiques and started his business as an antique carpet merchant. An enthusiasm that also infects the children Maurizio and Marina, who grow up with the same passion for carpets, learning their secrets through their father’s words. Still very young, they support their father in a path of international affirmation that sees the apex in the auction dedicated to Battilossi in 1998: one hundred and twenty-two masterpieces sold by Christie’s at record prices, placing the family among the most important textile antique dealers in the world. In the 90s, with the generational change, Maurizio and Marina grow the desire to explore new territories; they create a new company, a new identity and above all a new product: the contemporary carpet. Battilossi, today, is the refined synthesis of its past, in which a unique expertise gained in auctions, travel, markets and museums together with an eye accustomed for generations to cultivate beauty, converge together in an intangible way, expressing it in the smallest details.

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The company is one of the few in this field that can make use of two factories, each one expressing the tradition of the country of origin. In Kathmandu, Nepal, sophisticated hand-knotted and handwoven carpets are made in wool, silk, linen, nettle and other natural materials: in Lahore, Pakistan, the most innovative textures are developed, original techniques with the precious wool from Ghazni, in Afghanistan. The common trait between Nepal and Pakistan is a thoroughly manual skill utilized in all the manufacturing processes. From the original idea to the artwork, up to the dyeing, the weaving and the finishing, each phase of the carpet production is under Battilossi’s direct control, which thus has the possibility to test new and exclusive stylistic and technical solutions, ensuring the desired visual, spatial and tactile effect to each creation.

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Materials, Textures & Colours

More than a mere decorative object, Battilossi rugs are conceived as fundamental complements of an interior, they can be used to transform a space and a starting point for inventing a room, merging its various elements into a visual unicum. The idea behind the Battilossi philosophy is that the carpet is a blank canvas on which to fix a concept: a surface to be interpreted starting from a careful study of the interior design.

A palette of 1200 shades in silk and raw wool, and a weaving construction that is unique each time allow Battilossi to obtain the perfect combination of elements and colors in every project, in highly refined solutions designed to give the right balance to the space, enhancing it to the most.

discover the collections

Discover the collections

Manufacturing excellence, chromatic harmony and calibrated elegance are the leitmotif of the Battilossi proposal, which is composed around collections that, by mixing traditional techniques, seek out new creative outcomes.


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