Cover Connect Las Vegas

Battilossi @ Cover Connect Las Vegas

24 - 26 January 2024

Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas, USA

Battilossi starts 2024 with its eyes set on the United States, confirming the collaboration with Cover Connect. The Turin carpet company characterized by manufacturing excellence, chromatic harmony and calibrated elegance from 24 to 25 January will exhibit at Cover Connect Las Vegas, the exhibition area entirely dedicated to contemporary carpets inside Surfaces fair, home to the broadest and most indepth display and resource center of soft and hard surface materials and services in North America. 


With two production plants, in Kathmandu in Nepal and in Lahore in Pakistan, each of which expresses the tradition of the country of origin, the Italian company makes use of an international distribution network and finds one of its main markets in the United States. Here Battilossi is present with a division, Battilossi North America, and a showroom in Chicago, aimed in particular at the public of interior designers to whom the company addresses itself through the vast range of collections and a tailor-made service.


The display at Cover Connect Las Vegas places the emphasis on the new "Battilossi Moodboards", expression of the brand's new approach to interior decoration.

Through a transversal rereading of the brand's current collections, which include over 250 designs and colours, Battilossi introduces 14 moodboards composed of a number of references varying from a minimum of 10 up to a maximum of 49, ranging from the sober Naturals & Ivory Black, to the energetic Orange Pink Purple & Naturals, the delicate Silver&Coral or the intense Smokeshop, up to the sophisticated Watery Blue.


Each moodboard represents an entire aesthetic scenario, the result of an eclectic and refined combination of styles, weaving techniques, materials and colours, expertly mixed.

At the center of the visual there are one or more main rugs (anchor rugs), followed by supporting rugs and complementary rugs. This apparently complex architecture is harmoniously articulated, revealing the overall interior project without leaving out any detail. Thanks to this method, design coherence becomes the protagonist and the risk of aesthetic conflicts between the carpets selected in a project is reduced.

Using the moodboard, planners and interior designers obtain an immediate and complete vision of every detail of the project to be carried out, being able to understand where to intervene in the event of changes or corrections.

From a practical point of view, this concept makes it possible to create "swatch books" to be delivered directly to shops and design studios, placing smaller samples of the supporting and complementary carpets next to the anchor carpet.

A concept capable of also embracing carpets from other brands or precious and antique carpets owned by the customer, in a single coordinated project capable of releasing coherence and elegance.



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