Fuorisalone 2022


The magic of the throne room of Imperial China with its precious rugs, reinterpreted with the contemporary spirit of Battilossi.
Installation by Nicola Gallizia.

An idea of the past like a treasure chest of priceless items to be reinterpreted. Battilossi, company from Turin involved in the incessant design search aimed at preserving the thousand year old tradition of the rug projecting it into contemporary design, takes part in the “Design Variations” exhibit on the occasion of the FuoriSalone evoking Imperial China, its beauty, rich history and artisan mastery.

The darkness of the Sala delle Colonne (Hall of Columns) of the Circolo Filologico on via Clerici 10 in Milan lights up with the precious sparkles in the installation by Nicola Gallizia, making it possible to relive, in a clean present day key, the fascination with court rituals and the opulent atmosphere of the ancient Chinese throne rooms, with their lavish textiles and imposing seating.
Key player of the scene, the new Tian capsule collection of rugs by the brand: a refined journey through the history, tradition and culture of the great Chinese dynasties reflected in Battilossi’s view, showing once again its attitude in moving about with ease through time and space, gathering suggestions of far away universes and offering new and never trivial points of view.
Senge, a 3x3 m square rug acts as a backdrop to the scene, where mythical Fo Dog figures, the lion guardians traditionally placed in front of the buildings of the Chinese emperors, chase each other. In the centre of the scene to catch your eye, Druk, a rectangular 3x4 m rug where two dragons float about gracefully, the incarnation of the yang concept, the fertile spirit and male creator, symbol of the Chinese emperor. Lastly, at the sides, Taika, two abstract rectangular rugs, 3x4 m, illustrate the Jiaguwen, the ancient Chinese writing on bones of the Shang and Zhou dynasties, with their stripes inspired by the coats of tigers.
On pedestals are 4 Meditation mats, Orkide, Pema, Kekwa e Inhar, small extraordinary silky objects measuring 80x80 cm thought for individual meditation, inspired by the flowers that are the symbol of the different seasons: orchid for spring, lotus for summer, chrysanthemum for autumn and peach blossom for winter.
Amplifying the intensity of the setting is the arrangement of some of rugs vertically and the Wang seating elements designed by Nicola Gallizia, they too are covered with rugs, in the name of a material refinement that has no boundaries and that seduces the eye with its precious details.

“The padded armchairs on exhibit, covered by precious contoured rugs, call to mind the nomad tradition of using these rugs as seating. A suggestion that lives once again in these furnishings, reinterpreted in a current role suitable to our lifestyle and in a context of luxury and high quality”. Nicola Gallizia

The Tian capsule collection is imagined in two colour variations, chosen by reconciling the references of the past with the use possibilities in the world of interiors today. The first, presented in the show, is dominated by blue, green, ruby red, orange, sky blue, obergine, original chiaroscuro in bold and sophisticated chromatic combinations. The second favours light and bright shades, ivory, beige, grey, orange, sky blue, blue: nuances with a delicate sensuality, in perfect chromatic harmony.
A result of the imagination of Battilossi and of the skilled hands who made these rugs, a complex creative system, combining references generating connections and new visions and superimposing textures giving an original three-dimensional effect. A collection beyond dominating fashions that narrates the desire of a new refined decorativism, revealing the Battilossi path and the ability to not follow trends but to predict them.

Opening hours. 6 June: Press Preview from 12am to 6.30pm, Opening on invitation only, from 7pm to 11pm. 7 June: from 10am to 8pm. 8 June: from 10am to 7pm. 9 - 12 June: from 10am to 8pm.


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