FuoriSalone 2023


On the occasion of FuoriSalone, the new Battilossi Texture Library opened in Milan, in the heart of the Brera district: a showroom where space, matter and light meet, a stage for temporary exhibitions, but mostly a permanent meeting point with interior designers and design companies where to explore and develop exclusive custom-made projects.

Fine yarns, passion for color and curiosity in exploring parallel universes: to celebrate the opening of the new Milanese showroom, Battilossi amazed the design public with the collection of rugs signed by the legendary American graphic designer Milton Glaser, famous for inventing the iconic “I Love NY” logo and revolutionizing graphics in the 1960s, creating the iconic image of Bob Dylan with psychedelic hair, with forays into the world of design such as the collaboration with Ettore Sottsass for the launch of the Valentine typewriter.
An all-encompassing talent, Glaser has conceived a miscellaneous series of carpets without a single common thread, but multiple research keys and inspirations, from impressionism to tribal painting, from abstract art to graffiti. A series of amazing hand-knotted carpets made in Nepal in soft Tibetan wool and fine silk characterized by unique designs, which catch the eye with graphic strokes, animalier flowers and mystical symbols.
Among the various pieces on display are the 3 "Mandalas" inspired by the elements of Earth, Water and Air: a splendid amalgamation of geometric and symbolic shapes, circle, square and triangle, and colors shading into each other, taking on depth and seemingly moving in and out. What's striking is also how these pieces change as one walks by them: from distance, the colors are deep and solid, but as one approaches, the lights bounce off the silk and wool more and more and the rugs shimmer and glisten almost dematerializing.
Two points of view on design that intertwine, testifying to the importance of Battilossi in the United States, where the brand is present with a division, Battilossi North America, and a showroom in Chicago, aimed in particular at the audience of interior designers to whom the company addresses itself through its wide range of collections and a tailor-made service.
Haute couture surfaces and auteur suggestions for rethinking space: pure magic, and at the same time a manifesto of the endless possibilities of design on the carpet, traversing with freedom and mastery the territory on the border between art, craftsmanship and design.

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