Moodbook Vol. 1

This Mood book represents a further step in a style highly oriented towards interior design professionals, lighting up the color spectrum and offering unexplored aesthetic outcomes, in the sign of a new sophisticated decorative style.The ultimate selection offers freely interchangeable patterns, weaving techniques and shades, with the intention of providing not a limited collection, but a potentially infinite array of custom solutions in perfect harmony with each other, placing Battilossi expertise at the service of interior design. All our hand-knotted carpets bring together the different skills of all the team members. It is the innovative vision of a designer with a passionate devotion to beauty in handmade rugs. Designed in Italy and hand-knotted in Lahore.The process entails particularly complex weaving techniques and supreme attention to detail, with the unique surface achieved through the meticulous work of a team of restorers of antique rugs. Small-pot dyeing heightens the texture in a celebration of color.


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