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Preview Fuori Salone 2024

Battilossi - Preview FuoriSalone 2024




Press Preview 15 April 10.00-18.30. 16/20 April, 11.00-20.00. 21 April 11.00-16.00

During the FuoriSalone, the Battilossi Texture Library at Via dell'Orso 16 becomes the venue for the presentation of the new carpet concept designed by STORAGEMILANO, the result of a design investigation aimed at showcasing the richness of weaving techniques perpetuated in the brand's manufacturing facilities in Nepal and Pakistan.

The textile savoir-faire of Battilossi, the Turin-based company that aims to blend the millennia-old tradition of handmade carpet into contemporary design, meets the projectuality of STORAGEMILANO. This studio operates in various design fields, from the construction of architectural ideas to installations with a focus on materials and forms, in a conversation that revolves around technique.

From the shared passion for research, a new concept is born, composed of designs that can be adapted into infinite variations. Through a dynamic confrontation, the project is brought to life as it highlights numerous weaving options within the same design. Various weaving possibilities are showcased on the same design through a confrontation that brings the project to life, following a creative process that leads to abstraction in a desire to explain and divulge ancient techniques, often known only by industry specialists.

"The idea becomes a machine that makes the art." - Sol LeWitt 

"The inspiration for the patterns of our rugs was drawn from the works of artist Sol LeWitt, whose artistic investigation has permeated our conception of design and creativity, adding depth and meaning to our textiles. Our work explored the concept of mark and line in textile design, experimenting with different techniques to discover the multiple expressions of a pattern. We tested how each technique can influence not only the aesthetics, but also the tactile and volumetric perception of the design itself. This experiment allowed us to enhance the potential of this field, with Battilossi at the center as the custodian of tradition and history, emerging as innovators in the textile industry.

This event is not simply an exhibition, but an immersive experience that invites visitors to touch the quality and craftsmanship of each work. It is a unique opportunity to appreciate how human craftsmanship can transform simple materials into authentic living works of art."- StorageMilano. 

Controlled organization of lines, visual fields with modularly repeated structures creating movement, alternation of positive and negative: the graphic patterns become the visual display to showcase the technical mastery of the company's weavers and the infinite possibilities of expression of the same design. These are achieved by selecting and mixing different processing techniques from distant geographical locations and cultures.

Embracing the new design and display concept of the Battilossi Moodboards, which makes it possible to stage a complex textile project by juxtaposing a large-format main rug (anchor rug) with smaller support rugs (supporting rugs) and complementary rugs (complementary rugs), each of the models designed by StorageMilano is presented in a large format, and then proposed in several samples to view the third and most mysterious variable in a textile creation: the weaving technique, which together with design and colour contributes to give the rug/carpet its unique final appearance. Interior designers are increasingly called upon to understand this aspect, guided by the experience and manufacturing skill of Battilossi.



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