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Caleido Concept No.2

Designed in italy and hand-knotted in pakistan
Custom materials, colors and size available upon request

Caleido Concept No. 2 is an interpretation of the concept of complementarity. The latter plays a key role in the collection and makes the rug a modular element in continuous dialogue with the environment in which it fits.

Concept No. 2 represents a further step in a style highly oriented towards interior design professionals, lighting up the colour spectrum and offering unexplored aesthetic outcomes, in the sign of a new sophisticated decorative style.

Three new designs (Akira, Mifune and Kitano) freely inspired by the iconic motifs of vintage Japanese fabrics and kimonos. Three extremely advanced weaving techniques (Tango, Ibiza and Gamla) to give body and texture to the rugs, in a perfect balance of textures and sculptural surfaces.  Three tones (Pastel, Vibrant and Deep) that are easily matched in a harmonious complementarity, designed to work in continuity with Battilossi patterns and qualities.

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With numerous international partnerships, Battilossi rugs embellish interiors all over the world, from Europe to the United States, to Australia and China: a universe of unprecedented textures and unexpected shades targeted to authentic connoisseurs, able to satisfy the wishes of private clients, designers, brands or artists drawing from an inexhaustible cultural background.


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