Pattern Mix

Designed in italy and hand-knotted in pakistan
Custom materials, colors and size available upon request

Pattern Mix is the result of matching a small technical weaving feature particular to Battilossi workshops in Pakistan with the vision of designer Draga Obradovic, whose fabrics combine hand-printing and painting with the organic look and feel of vintage textiles.

The fabrics created by Draga Obradovic’s atelier achieve her signature look and authenticity through layering cloth, pattern and colour; here they are translated into a pile carpet collection with its own signature style.

The Pattern Mix collection has been developed to give a unique and captivating style to modern and informal environments.

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With numerous international partnerships, Battilossi rugs embellish interiors all over the world, from Europe to the United States, to Australia and China: a universe of unprecedented textures and unexpected shades targeted to authentic connoisseurs, able to satisfy the wishes of private clients, designers, brands or artists drawing from an inexhaustible cultural background.


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