Designed in italy and hand-knotted in nepal
Custom materials, colors and size available upon request

Perfectly pitched colour, alluring texture, subtle design, complex weave and precise detailing. Tocca designs have extremely complex woven structure with more than six overlaying textures that give the rugs a unique handle and visual texture.

The Tocca collection is realized in Tibetan wool and fine linen and is hand-knotted in the Kathmandu Valley. It has been designed to be inserted in urban and elegant contexts that are well suited to the richness of colors and the quality of the materials that this collection offers.

The Tocca collection rugs consist of three elements, geometry, colour and texture, working together to create a movement, a dance.

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With numerous international partnerships, Battilossi rugs embellish interiors all over the world, from Europe to the United States, to Australia and China: a universe of unprecedented textures and unexpected shades targeted to authentic connoisseurs, able to satisfy the wishes of private clients, designers, brands or artists drawing from an inexhaustible cultural background.


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